tundra rescue

Tundra Rescue is an International rescue services and training company with experience across a variety of sectors.  From local stand-by rescue services to international technical rescue planning and operations, Tundra Rescue has the ability to provide solutions for problems in complex and hazardous environments.

Tundra Rescue’s permanent staff are subject matter experts in a variety of technical rescue and rope access related fields with experience in commercial rope access for oil and gas and power generation, fire rescue, mountain and alpine operations, combat and pararescue, tactical insertion techniques, health and safety and emergency management.

We further supplement our own staff with a select pool of consultants with expertise and experience gained in the Emergency Services, the Armed Forces, the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides and various technical and commercial fields.

When operating in an area with a determined risk, Tundra Rescue is an invaluable asset in the risk analysis process.

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Emergency Response Institute
ERI is the Emergency Management division of Tundra.
Our services and training comply with industry standards.
We have International experience to include working in developing Nations.
Our Staff, Instructors and Consultants are industry leaders in their fields.
We have an unmatched in-house research and development team.