From local stand-by rescue support through to international technical project planning and operations Tundra Rescue specializes in providing solutions for technical access, safety and maintenance problems in complex and difficult working environments.

Founded in 2011 by Canadian military veterans with expertise in mountain operations, our permanent staff are subject matter experts in rescue, Rope Access and health and safety-related fields which we supplement from a pool of carefully-selected consultants, typically also with prior Emergency Services or military experience and technical trade skills. We are headquartered in the Clearview township of Ontario, approximately 90 minutes due north of central Toronto.

Our vision is to bring a dynamic and customer-focused approach to delivering the highest quality rescue, access, safety and associated training and technical solutions.

For assistance and support in difficult working environments, Tundra Rescue is an invaluable asset.


Tundra Rescue is a constituent part of Tundra Group.

Founded in 2007 and with past performance through acquisitions from 1989, Tundra Group is a business advisory and risk management organization.

Tundra Group has provided operational and training assistance globally to organizations that include the governments of Canada, the United States, France, Finland and Japan; all of Canada’s major media networks; and businesses from sectors as diverse as oil and gas and organic cosmetics.

Tundra Rescue is therefore able to benefit from the shared knowledge, experience and support of being part of an established international organization, while still retaining flexibility, energy and high degree of customer-orientation associated with a dynamic, growing business.