Confined Space Open Enrolment Course Dates

 Training LevelSession DatesSession Status
 RescueJanuary 7 - 11, 2019 Open (Spots Available)
 Entry / AwarenessNovember 23, 2019Open (Spots Available)

Confined Space Training - Entry / Awareness Level


This is a blended Awareness / Entry level course, which is suitable for anybody that works in or around confined spaces. From administrators responsible for worker's safety, to tradespeople carrying out work inside a confined space, this course imparts the necessary knowledge to mitigate the hazards associated with confined spaces.


The price per student is $290.00 CAD + HST.


Length: 8 hours (single full day)

Content (Theory): The majority of this course is classroom based, covering theoretical components such as

- Common hazards associated with confined spaces
- Introduction to Ontario Regulation 632/05
- Ventilation
- Atmospheric testing
- Safety watch (attendant) duties
- The entry permit and associated documentation
- Identification of confined space
- Appropriate PPE for entering confined spaces

Content (Practical): Because this course includes Entry Level, a full practical mock confined space entry is conducted, which exposes students to all theoretical aspects (above) in a practical setting. The goal of this component is to ensure that students get to experience or practice the full confined space entry and hazard control procedure in a safe and controlled setting.

The Facility: Our purpose-built confined space simulator is designed to expose students to a realistic confined space experience. It is located on the Tundra Group Ranch and Training Grounds in beautiful Clearview, Ontario at 1393 Centre Line Road, Stayner ON

Confined Space Training - Rescue Level


This advanced level course is for individuals that require the skills and knowledge necessary for conducting technical rescue from confined spaces. This training level is suitable for Industrial rescue teams,  emergency services personnel, military personnel and organizations or individuals that require the ability to perform technical rescue from confined spaces. This course meets NFPA 1006 training requirements. 


The price per student is $987.00 CAD + HST


Students are eligible for this course only if they have the following certificates:

- First Aid CPR + AED (or superior) 
- Confined Space Awareness or Entry level (or superior)


Length: 5
 full days (8 hours each day)

Content (Theory): This course is primarily based on practical exercises. A small portion of each day will be spent in the classroom preparing for or reviewing the practical aspects.

Content (Practical): The vast majority of this course is based on direct practical exposure to the tools and techniques required for technical rescue from various confined spaces. Skills are covered such as

- SCBA / SABA inspection, donning, doffing, application and limitations
- Confined space communication systems
- Rescue team composition and basic Incident Command procedures
- Rope rescue system critical components
- Vector forces and critical rope dynamics and limitations 
- Anchor building and selection
- Mechanical Advantage and Progress Capture systems
- Advanced tripod assembly and use
- Casualty packaging and extraction 

The Facility: Our on-site confined space simulator is purpose built to provide an approximation of highly technical confined space rescue (both horizontal and vertical access/egress). It is located on the Tundra Group Ranch and Training Grounds in beautiful Clearview, Ontario at 1393 Centre Line Road, Stayner ON


If you would like to learn more or register for a course, please email: info@tundrarescue.com and we will follow up with you promptly to secure your spot in the session.