Tundra Rescue offers consulting services where subject matter experts are able to offer guidance on the development and maintenance of safety and access-related programs and procedures, with a focus on optimizing compliance and increasing operational efficiency.

We further have the ability to integrate this advice into wider Health and Safety and Risk Management assessments, reviews and plans; and can provide competent contractors that are qualified at various trades as well as having specialist access certifications.

In short, if you or your organization has a task that requires staff or sub-contractors with an access requirement, there is a likelihood that we will be able to help you.

Examples of work that Tundra Rescue has advised on in the past include:

  • Access to pipelines for inspections and the installation of technical equipment requiring combined rope and confined space safety techniques, and where the use of scaffolding was unsuitable.

  • Changing electrical ceiling fittings at a factory with sensitive machinery underneath, that precluded the use of traditional mechanical access techniques, including advice on how to minimize disruption to the manufacturing process.

  • Fixing guttering and roofing in difficult-to-access areas of residential buildings and hotels.

  • Various types of cleaning, painting and maintenance on the roofs of large commercial buildings.

  • Efficient window cleaning techniques on skyscrapers and other commercial premises.

  • Clearing build-ups of snow in the gullies of buildings where the fall of snow represents a hazard to pedestrians below.

  • Inspections of the underside of bridges and other spans where scaffolding is inappropriate or very costly.

  • The development and training in insertion and rope access techniques for serving Law Enforcement, military and Search and Rescue units.