Tundra Rescue provides Rope Access services to a variety of industries and we are committed to increasing the safety of personnel that work at height by using modern and innovative rope access techniques combined with robust quality management systems.

We use highly-trained and efficient Rope Access Technicians to access work areas which, in many cases, greatly reduces the costs associated with using scaffolding or other systems that can impact business continuity with long set-up times and shut down requirements. Our services also include high angle standby rescue teams.

Tundra Rescue currently provides rope access services to chemical plants, wind farms, construction sites, painting, property management and cleaning firms, manufacturing facilities, the Ontario Provincial Police, and the Canadian Armed Forces among others; and we are constantly evaluating new ways in which using ropes can solve access and safety problems for different industries. In short, any situation requiring a mechanical lift, crane or scaffolding may also be suitable for rope access.

All of Tundra Rescue’s Rope Access Technicians are accredited through SPRAT (The Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) and / or IRATA (The Industrial Rope Access Trade Association); many also have relevant additional technical and commercial trade skills.

For organisations requiring more standard training and compliance support, we also offer work-at-heights training courses that are compliant with Ontario provincial standards.

Rope Access Inspection
Building Inspections Using Rope Access


Applying modern equipment, reliable techniques, and independently certified training; Rope Access provides a safe, versatile, efficient, and economical method of solving vertical access problems. Rope access is safe. Independently-certified rope-access technicians maintain a robust safety record with no fatalities and few lost time incidents.

Rope access is versatile 

Technicians can deploy rope techniques in a broad range of environments, to carry out everything from maintenance and inspection to painting or restoration. From wind turbines to confined spaces, throughout industrial facilities or on bridges and historical buildings; Rope Access can be applied across industries. Further, unlike traditional access methods, Rope Access solutions are highly customizable and rapidly adaptable, to suit unique and changing requirements.

Rope access is efficient 

Rope systems are installed and removed quickly, with minimal interference to operations. Using fewer personnel and applying streamlined techniques minimizes downtime relative to traditional access methods.

Rope access is economical 

Fewer personnel, faster completion, streamlined equipment, and reduced downtime mean lower costs.